Wilton 10010 6" ATV All-Terrain Vise

Wilton 10010 6" ATV All-Terrain Vise

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    Fits a standard 2" hitch and includes a hitch pin for security. Can be mounted on a bench or trailer for even greater versatility with the included mounting bracket. Lightweight and with an integrated carrying handle, the ATV is designed for easy transport. Patented 360� locking handle secures the handle while driving or repositions it while working. The included set screws are designed to provide a tight fit in the hitch and reduce vibration while driving. Water resistant for all weather protection while it's on your truck. Large striking anvil for forming and shaping materials. Ideal working height doesn't interfere with truck bed or tailgate. Jaws are replaceable and include a v-groove for vertical clamping of round objects. Pipe jaws clamp round objects up to 3". 60,000 PSI ductile iron body




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