Tiger Tool 11001 Axle Shaft Puller W/Two 5/8" x 18 Adapters

Tiger Tool 11001 Axle Shaft Puller W/Two 5/8" x 18 Adapters


Easily remove even the most seized axle shaft in minutes on medium to heavy-duty Dana, Eaton and Rockwell drive axles. Fully adjustable pulling arms and stud adapters are quick and easy to install Includes most common 5/8"  18 Axle Stud Adapter Set; additional adapter sets also available Reduces the risk of damage to axle studs We take details seriously. The head of the driver is rounded, ensuring the load of the hammer's force is more accurately distributed down the center of the tool. Top grade metals and various treatments safeguard the integrity of the driver, enabling it to be struck again and again. Pull-cams are preloaded behind the axle flange. The force of the impact shocks the cone washers free, allowing the axle shaft to be released with ease. Pull-cams are heat-treated to minimize wear and prevent rounding off  maintaining the tool's longevity and effectiveness. Application Commonly found on class 6-8 transportation trucks and equipment. (Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, Mack, Volvo etc.)

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