Prime GF320803 3ft 12/3 SJTW In-Line GFCI Triple-Tap Adapter

Prime GF320803 3ft 12/3 SJTW In-Line GFCI Triple-Tap Adapter

3ft 12/3 SJTW Yellow In-Line GFCI Triple-Tap Adapter w/Primelight Power Indicator Light This Shock Safe 3-outlet adapter is outdoor rated and ideal for job site applications because it has a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter which protects against hazardous shocks and meets OSHA requirements on job sites. The three-outlet triple-tap connector enables 3 tools to be powered from one cord and it also works great with generators. The Primelight Power Indicator Light lets you know there is power running through the adapter.
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    Water Resistant Flame Retardant 3-outlet Triple-Tap Powers 3 Tools from the Same adapter Primelight� Power Indicator Light Shows there is Power Through the Adapter Oversized Strain-Reliefs Prevent Wire from Separating from the Plug & Connector GFCI Prevents Dangerous Shocks and has Built-in Test & Reset Buttons Flexible in Temperatures from -40F up to +140F Meets OSHA Requirements




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