Palmgren 9683311 7" X 12" HORIZONTAL BAND SAW

Palmgren 9683311 7" X 12" HORIZONTAL BAND SAW


Palmgren's 7" x 12" horizontal band saw is the ideal saw for machine maintenance and fabricating shops and for limited run production applications. Heavy duty rigid steel and cast iron construction of the saw head and base provide full blade support and eliminates vibration and deflection.

  • Step pulley drive train with 4 speed settings to cover all your sawing applications
  • Gear box utilizes a bronze worm gear and hardened worm shaft running in an oil bath
  • Adjustable hydraulic down feed of the saw head
  • Automatic shut off at end of cut
  • Adjustable ball bearing blade guides delivers straight accurate cuts
  • Flood coolant system cools and cleans chips from the blade
  • Chip brush
  • Rapid acting vise
  • Adjustable material work stop
  • Castors for easy positioning of the saw anywhere in the shop
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