Milwaukee 49-22-8400 Annular Cutter Set - 6PC

Milwaukee 49-22-8400 Annular Cutter Set - 6PC


Dual alternating tooth geometry and thin-wall construction help Milwaukee's durable 6-Piece Annular Cutter Set cut up to 15% faster than the competition. With 20% thinner walls, these cutters displace less material for the same size hole, giving you fast, burr-free holes in anything from sheet metal to thick steel plate. Milwaukee's proprietary high-speed steel with three hardness zones minimizes breakage and helps the bits last longer. Each cutter comes with a 3/4in. Weldon shank, which is ideal for use with most small magnetic drill presses and large magnetic drill presses with the correct arbor. The kit includes 9/16in., 5/8in., 11/16in., 13/16in., 15/16in. and 1-1/16in. cutters, a 1in. pilot bit (centering pin) and a sturdy carrying case.

  • Model Number

  • Included Items

    1) 9/16in. Annular Cutter

    (1) 5/8in. Annular Cutter

    (1) 11/16in. Annular Cutter

    (1) 13/16in. Annular Cutter

    (1) 15/16in. Annular Cutter

    (1) 1-1/16in. TCT Annular Cutter

    (1) 1 1/16in. Annular Cutter

    (1) Ejector Pin

    (1) Retractable Pilot Pins




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