Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Selfeed Bit Kit (7 PC)

Milwaukee 49-22-0130 Contractor's Selfeed Bit Kit (7 PC)

The Milwaukee 7-Piece Contractor's Selfeed Bit Kit is a complete assortment of the high-performance Milwaukee Selfeed drill bits you need on the jobsite. Milwaukee Selfeed drill bits deliver speed and endurance for repetitive drilling of large holes. Designed for any trade that demands woodcutting for installing pipe and conduit, Selfeed bits feed into work without pressure and provide faster boring of clean, accurate holes. The bitshave improved balance with reduced runout, while the hex shank provides a secure gripping surface for the drill chuck. Every Milwaukee Selfeed drill bit is coated with a rust inhibitor. Built to last and designed to perform, these Selfeed bits are resharpenable so you can keep them cutting like new. The kit includes Selfeed bits in diameters 1in., 1-1/8in., 1-1/4in., 1-1/2in., 1-3/4in., 2-1/8in., and 2-9/16in. in an impact resistant carrying case.
  • Model Number

  • Included Items

    (1) Extension

    (1) 1in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 1-1/8in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 1-1/4in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 1-1/2in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 1-3/4in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 2-1/8in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 2-9/16in. Selfeed Bit

    (1) 5-1/2in. One-Piece Shank and Coupling

    (1) Carrying Case