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I-R 261 3/4 Super duty impact

I-R 261 3/4 Super duty impact


The 261 Series impact wrench is ideal for vehicle repair and heavy truck and machinery jobs where you'll benefit from the square socket retaining ring and the power behind the vane motor. Trigger actuation and a power regulator let you complete projects with control and ease.

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    RELIABILITY: The 261 | 271 Series is made to last, and will be a trusted tool for all your heavy machinery projects and more. POWER: The vane motor on the 261 | 271 Series provides a high torque output for increased power. DURABILITY: The impact wrench's jumbo hammer provides a great power-to-weight ratio and is easy to maintain. VEHICLE REPAIR: The square socket retaining ring makes this an ideal impact wrench for projects where you need increased socket connection.

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