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I-R 107XPA 3/8in. Standard Ratchet Wrench

I-R 107XPA 3/8in. Standard Ratchet Wrench


The advanced head design of the 107XPA ratchet wrench provides increased durability to one of the industry's most popular ratchets.

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    360-Degree Exhaust The 360-degree exhaust capabilities of the 107XPA and 1077XPA standard ratchet wrenches direct exhaust away from the operator, ensuring a better workspace. Increased Control The power regulator you'll find on these two ratchet wrenches provides increased control on every job. Access Hard to Reach Spaces With greater access and reach, you can more easily work in deep, hard to reach areas. Reliability With Ingersoll Rand products, you can expect your tools to continuously exceed your expectations.

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