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General 482 Deburring Tool, Swivel Head, Metal Handle

General 482 Deburring Tool, Swivel Head, Metal Handle

The 482 Deburring Tool with Swivel Head is ideal for removing burrs from cut iron or copper pipe, conduit and PVC tubing.
  • Model Number

  • Features

    DEBURR ROUGH EDGES - Use tool to remove leftover burrs from cut pipe, tubing, conduit, and PVC tubing ALUMINUM HANDLE with SWIVEL HEAD- swivel head deburring tool delivers equivalent performance and quality as higher priced deburring tools without the price tag SPRING LOADED LOCKING COLLAR, PIVOT BLADE � easily push down spring loaded locking collar, pivot blade allows for easy and quick burr removal TWO INTERCHANGEABLE BLADES � Deburrer comes with two interchangeable blades, 482A (black) for steel, copper, aluminum and plastic and the 482B for cast iron and brass MANY FUNCTIONS � deburring tool can be used for home use, plumbing applications or as a machinist tool in the shop
  • Dimensions

    Handle length: 5-1/8 in.
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