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General 321 Analog Pocket Stem Thermometer

General 321 Analog Pocket Stem Thermometer

The 321 Instant Read Pocket Stem Thermometer generates accurate temperature readings from 0 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to 104 degrees Celsius) in a small portable size. The easy to use analog stem thermometer has a 5-inch long stainless steel probe with a 1-inch (25.4mm) diameter dial topped with magnifying lens for easy readouts. This versatile thermometer is great as a food safety or food prep thermometer in the kitchen but can also be used in a wealth of other uses from HVAC or as a lab thermometer.
  • Model Number

  • Features

    PROBE- 5-inch (127mm) long, 0.14-inch (3.5mm) diameter shaft TEMPERATURE RANGE- Instantly measures from 0� to 220�F (-18� to 104�C) EASY TO READ: 1-inch wide analog dial with magnifying lens RUGGED DESIGN- Rustproof and long-lasting stainless steel probe is light, tough and shock-resistant INCLUDES- Protective sheath with a pocket clip for storage and portability
  • Specifications

    Measurement range: 0� to 220�F (-18� to 104�C) Measurement accuracy: �5% Probe length: 5 in. (127mm) Dial diameter: 1 in. (25mm)
  • Includes

    Protective sheath with pocket clip 1-year limited warranty
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