Electronic Specialties 306B 30 Amp Fuse Buddy  -ATC

Electronic Specialties 306B 30 Amp Fuse Buddy -ATC

Fuse Buddy Testers can test circuit current up to 30 Amps. 306B used with ATC size fuses. Clever design allows for easy connection into fuse sockets. 30 Amp models have resolution of .1A, while 20 Amp models have .01A resolution. Fuse Buddy ends are molded into the shape of the fuse itself. During testing the fuse is removed and replaced into the Fuse Buddy. This way, the circuit being tested maintains fuse protection. The Fuse Buddy stays put and won't fall out of the socket, like test probes do. Tests circuit current from 0 to 30 Amps/48 Volts Resolution .1A (100 milliamps), accuracy + 2%
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