Electronic Specialties 230 Short Buddy Audible Trouble Shooter

Electronic Specialties 230 Short Buddy Audible Trouble Shooter

Helps you find these problems Locating Shorts To Ground Intermittent shorts Intermittents caused by loose connections Short Buddy helps you find the short! This unique tool connects at the fuse panel and becomes in series with the test circuit. A system of audible beeps helps you find the problem and permit hands free troubleshooting.Short Buddy gives you continuous re-set/re-power capability, a real time saver. While you push, pull, tug and grab wires, Short Buddy is always watching the current level. If your tug causes the dead short again, Short Buddy opens the circuit for 10 seconds, then re-applies power to the circuit. Re-powering the circuit can also be done manually. Another big feature! If the circuit current changes by more than approximately .3 Amps, you�ll hear an audible beep. If you pull on the "problem" wire or connector, you�ll hear the beep. When working under the dash or in a difficult area this is a huge help. Great tool for shorts, intermittent drop outs and flaky grounds & connections. A real time saver. Settable Amp Levels of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Amps Automatically opens the circuit in event of overload In Auto mode, circuit gets re-powered in 10 seconds In Manual mode, user re-sets power to circuit
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