Electronic Specialties 142 PRO Test Lead Kit

Electronic Specialties 142 PRO Test Lead Kit

#142 Pro Test Lead Kit includes our premium set of interchangeable specialty test probes designed for automotive use. This lead set features an extended length of 64 inches. The flexible back probing pins are great for sliding into automotive connectors like those on fuel injectors and MAP sensors. In addition, the large Crocodile Clips are good for clipping to grounds and battery terminals. Includes roll up storage pouch to keep your leads organized. These are compatible with most DMM�s and scopes.
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    One set of Interconnect Leads - Extended length of 64 inches. Test probes Flexible Silicon Back Probe Pins Bed of Nails Style Wire Piercing Clips Heavy Duty Insulation Piercing Clips Crocodile Clips Deluxe Storage Pouch




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